League of Legends: The Best Top Laners of Patch 10.13

  • By Tj Cooperwood

This is a rundown of the 5 best top laners in League of Legends on Patch 10.13

Top path is frequently the overlooked job in League of Legends. Thrown away and left to 1v1 until the game is chosen somewhere else on the Rift, even the absolute best top laners regularly think that its difficult to have an effect in solo queue.

but you can feel confident in the top lane by utilizing one of these 5 picks. Dominate your lane, and spread your lead over the map with these overwhelming-snowball bruisers.

Here are the 5 best top laners for Patch 10.13:

5) Jax

As far as scaling and running the Rift in the late game, no top laner offers more than Jax. Great at both split pushing and plunging into the enemies backline, the Grandmaster At Arms is the ideal boss for top laners who need to assume control over the game, declining to depend on others.

Playing Jax is about persistence all through the game. Use Counter Strike in lane to remain alive and manufacture a gold lead before determinedly split pushing in the late game. You'll be unable to find a pick that can win a 1v1 against Jax after 30 minutes.

4) Fiora

For the individuals who like to duel through everything and bring enormous potential to the Rift, Fiora is the correct decision. While numerous individuals decide to concentrate on Riposte as the main fight decider, it is rather the capacity to proc Duelist's Dance during the laning phase that isolates the best Fiora players from the rest.

Like Jax, Fiora offers more as the game goes on. Show restraint during the laning phase, utilizing Riposte to maintain a strategic distance from possible deadly situations, before assuming control over the game in group battles and side skirmishes with a couple of items.

3) Volibear

Volibear is one more effective revamp as they have carried new life to a character that really needed it. In addition to the fact that he is an insane champion in legends lore with enhanced visualizations, he is also a gigantic danger in solo-que and pro play.

Despite the fact that it will take you a couple of games to get acquainted with Voli's new quirks, when you have the hang of things you can without much of a stretch assume control over group battles. Landing Sky Splitter on various enemy champions could end a team fight all alone.

2) Wukong

Talking about revamps, Wukong likewise has been an immense achievement. The Monkey King has been a staple of the top path meta since his small scale improvements on Patch 10.6 and he keeps on being an annoyance on Patch 10.13.

Clearly, Wukong's double Cyclone is the feature of his abilities, however his actual force originates from his initial damage from Nimbus Strike and Crushing Blow. In case it wasn't evident by the way that he's been played as support in pro play as of late, Wukong doesn't require numerous resources to bargain for enormous damage and massively affect group fights.

1) Darius

For what appears the 100th time, Darius beats out everyone else as far as top laners for win, pick and ban rate. On the off chance that his 46.0% ban rate wasn't a sufficient reminder of how severe the Hand of Noxus is in the current meta, simply consider the way that he additionally has a positive win rate against solid top laners like... Aatrox, Renekton, and Volibear.

Darius is solid for a blend of reasons, the principle ones being the unbelievable heals on Decimate, the simple gank set up from Apprehend, and the group battle control given by Noxian Guillotine.

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